Winslow Wentworth Surveying Records
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Roberge Associates Land Surveying
Greenfield, MA

Our office has a large collection of old survey plans of land in Franklin County and surroundings. There are several thousand of these plans, covering the period from about 1900-1990.
This site provides limited access to these plans. You can search our file listing and download  reduced quality images. For a fee, we can send you full size scan images, or make paper prints.
See our spreadsheet index to find a map - it is sorted by Town/Village/Street/PlanNo.

Wentworth Index

Send us an email if you want to purchase a scan or paper print. There is a minimum charge of $20 for a scan or a paper print on 11 x 17 paper. Large originals, full-size paper prints and scans of special maps may be more.   413-772-2801 for details